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A Very Japanese Calendar

Koyomito is a calendar app written completely in Japanese, that helps you in your immersion into Japan's culture.

A Very Japanese Calendar

Every day you will find the date broken down into several parts, completely written in Japanese, and you will be able to listen to the pronunciation of the whole thing. Practice repeating it or reading it out loud. Even if you have no previous knowledge of Japanese, you will soon get used to the kanji (ideograms) and the words that come up most often.

For instance, can you see that button near the top of the screen with the number 30 on it? That’s the year, according to the Japanese era. It is not always used, but it’s something easy to understand and it’s not hard to get used to it by seeing every day.

Detailed Information in Your Language

Tap any part of the date to open a screen with all you need to know about the topic, this time in English. You will also be able to listen to the pronunciation of each word, recorded by a native Japanese speaker.

Get a Deeper Knowledge of the Japanese Culture

Koyomito helps you understand dates written in Japanese, as it helps you learning how to pronounce them. But it’s not all about the date and day of the week. Some Japanese calendars include the rokuyō for each day, a traditional classification of days in six types.

Rokuyō is still used when choosing dates for events such as a wedding, and it is a curious window to Japanese tradition and society.